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Tuxedos are available from multiple brands and in various models on SuitableShop. Continue reading to find out about the differences between them and about all the available accessories that complete your outfit.

Suitable Tuxedos

The Suitable tuxedo collection offers three different smoking jackets in three various qualities. First up is the Harlem model, a relatively slim-fit suit made from a stretchy fabric that includes polyester. Next up is our mid-range model, the Suitable Brooklyn smoking jacket, made from a wool blend. The Suitable New York model is our high-end tuxedo, made from 100% wool. Instead of the standard shawl collar, the New York model features a peak lapel.


When you need a simple tuxedo to wear to a party once or twice, the Dutch brand Opposuits offers affordable tuxedos in multiple colors, including Jet Set Black, Midnight Blue, Pearl White, and Hot Burgundy.

Wilvorst Smoking Jackets

If you’re looking for a luxurious smoking jacket to go with your black trousers, Wilvorst is hard to beat. Their high-quality designs include a Navy and an Off-white smoking jacket, currently available in sizes ranging from 36-R to 46-R.

Tuxedo Shirts

SuitableShop offers tuxedo shirts from our private label Suitable and three other European shirtmakers: Profuomo, Seidensticker, and Olymp.

Suitable Tuxedo shirts
Our private label offers tuxedo shirts with a hidden-button closure and wing collar or a turndown collar and luxurious black studs. A third option is the wing collar Tuxedo shirt with a pleated front and hidden-button closure. All Suitable Tuxedo shirts are available in white and feature double cuffs with standard sleeve length.
Olymp Tuxedo shirts
The German Olymp brand offers Tuxedo shirts and Smoking shirts in white and off-white and even provides Tuxedo shirts with extra long sleeves. Their shirts feature double cuffs, a hidden-button closure, and a turndown collar.
Profuomo Tuxedo shirts
The Profuomo Tuxedo shirt is another classic model and features a pleated front and a wing collar, and double cuffs. It is made from 100% cotton and cut in a slightly tailored slim fit.
Seidensticker Tuxedo shirts
While all Seidensticker Tuxedo shirts feature a hidden placket that covers the buttons, they offer models with or without a pleated front, and you can choose from a wing collar, a turndown Kent collar, or a wide cutaway collar.

Tuxedo and Tailcoat Accessories

Patent Leather Shoes
The black patent leather shoe or lacquer shoe is a dress shoe, often an Oxford, known for its shiny polished finish and is meant for formal occasions. Suitable offers amazing black patent leather Oxfords. Combine your tuxedo or tailcoat with these black patent leather shoes to complete your look for a wedding or your evening wear, such as a formal Black Tie dinner or White Tie event.
Bow Ties
You will wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie and a tailcoat with a white bow tie in most cases. We offer both pre-tied bow ties and self-tie bow ties in black and white. If you’re looking for a more surprising color or want to match your bow tie with your partner’s outfit, we offer many different colors as well in both self-tie or pre-tied models.
Gala Gloves
For white tie events, gala gloves are available in white from our own Suitable brand. Alternatively, you can find gala gloves in black and grey from Laimbock. Sizes range from small to XXL.
Suitable offers single-breasted waistcoats for your tailcoat in both white and black. If you're looking for a double-breasted model, go for the luxurious black waistcoat from Wilvorst.
We offer sets that include a cummerbund, pocket square, and bow tie in a wide variety of colors from private labels. If you’re going for the classic black combination, you can also opt for the luxurious cummerbund set by Wilvorst.
Wedding Suits & Accessories
Our luxurious wool suits at Suitable are perfect for a wedding. You can easily combine them with our wedding shirts and other optional accessories such as a wedding waistcoat, wedding tie, or pocket square.
Pocket Squares
Worn in the breast pocket of your jacket, a pocket square can join your outfit together. While it is advised to match your pocket square with your tie’s colors, you can also use your pocket square to add a surprising splash of color or a dashing pattern. At, we offer pocket squares in almost every color imaginable, and you can combine many of them with a matching tie and matching cufflinks.

Wedding Waistcoats

Indispensable when you want to complete your formal day dress for a wedding, the Suitable Wedding Waistcoat is the most classic option to finish any men’s wedding outfit. Whether you’re the groom yourself or looking for matching vests for the groomsmen, any man will look the part with this Suitable men’s wedding waistcoat over a nice white shirt. The vest has a five-button front, regular fit, and adjustable strap on the back. It is available in cream white with a subtle checked pattern or off-white with a small herringbone design, and Suitable offers a matching silk tie. For an even more luxurious wedding waistcoat, look no further than Profuomo’s silk waistcoat. With its off-white color and stylish paisley print, this waistcoat will make you truly stand out. It is finished with two welt pockets and a five-pocket front.

Wedding Shirts

Whether you’re looking for a wedding shirt with a double cuff or single cuff, SuitableShop offers multiple stylish options. Choose from our private label shirts or one of our luxury brands such as Profuomo, Ledub, Olymp, or Seidensticker. Off-white is the classic color of choice for wedding shirts, but a bright white or light blue are good options as well.

Wedding Ties

Suitableshop offers several ties that are specially made for the big day. Our collection of wedding ties include an off-white herringbone tie with a matching pocket square, a complete wedding set of an off-white satin tie, pocket square, and cufflinks. These sets combine perfectly with our wedding waistcoats. We also offer two beautiful wedding ties made by the Italian style Profuomo brand. You can choose from a white silk tie with a paisley pattern or a silk tie with a subtle striped design in off-white.


If you’ve chosen a shirt with double cuffs, complete your outfit with stylish metal cufflinks or add a bit of color to your sleeve cuffs with colored silk cufflinks that match your tie.


When you’ve chosen to wear a waistcoat, wearing it with a belt is a faux pas. Instead, go for suspenders. Profuomo offers the perfect wedding suspenders in white, featuring an intricate paisley pattern. Alternatively, you can pick one of the many solid-colored, striped, or patterned suspenders available from Suitable, Profuomo, and Michaelis.

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