-  Thursday, 25 November  |  Bertruud
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
For years I have been looking for white t-shirts that have a good, fitting collar. A month ago I found those shirts at [site name]. I am very satisfied with the quality / price ratio of these shirts. The shipment is fast and correct. The handling of complaints is even better. The only webshop (in my experience) where I immediately get an employee on the phone who can help me. In addition, I was credited with the shipping costs because my complaint concerned a manufacturing defect. In the end I threw away all the old shirts in my closet and ordered 12 new shirts from [site name]. I will keep doing that!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (10) No (1)
 -  Saturday, 12 December  |  Sil
Alan Red Special Offer O-Neck T-shirts White 6-Pack
I used to buy those round-woven T-shirts, and they seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth lately. In the shops I only found shirts with a topstitching on the left and right under the armpits. Well okay, they were cheap.. Fortunately I have found those 'old-fashioned' T-shirts again: the Alan Red from [site name]. T-shirts with a nice fit and a nice long feel. And actually they are not that much more expensive. The quality and thickness of the cotton also suggest that they are a lot more solid than those stitching copies, well, time will tell!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (2)
  • Woven round
  • Nice thick cotton quality
  • Good fit
  • Nice and long
  • No!
 -  Friday, 11 March  |  F.Gielen
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
Worn Alan Red t-shirts for years. In the beginning always bought the size XXL because these tshirts are very small. My surprise was then that Alan Red adjusted their sizing, which resulted in a much too plus sizes purchased tshirts. The problem now is what to order from which store? One store does have the new dimensions inside, where the other will have to sell the old stock first. Bad move by Alan Red. Still very satisfied with the quality of the tshirts. In particular, the released neck which does not "run out" after several washes.
  Thank you for your review! I can inform you that [site name] always uses the new dimensions because we do not use old stock.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (9)
 -  Tuesday, 3 January  |  Mies
Alan Red Derby Round Neck T-shirt White 2-Pack
My husband has had alan red tshirts with a standing collar for years 2 pieces 19.95 Each time they are different, then long, then short than a tight high collar, now we have tried them again now with a lower collar and wide, so not good. We don't understand any of this! so actually we are not satisfied at all, but we still tried it out, too bad, because sometimes they are good. Usually I buy the shirts at the.... I hope you can answer me here. I think there should be more complaints about this with kind regards Frans and Mies van Gestel
  Dear Sir / Madam, would you like to contact us by phone? 073-623 53 53. Thank you in advance.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (4)
 -  Saturday, 20 November  |  Henri
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
Very good tshirts! Since I wear these every day, I need a lot of them every year. These shirts are of excellent quality and also keep their shape after washing. With cheaper or unbranded shirts it often happens that the collar starts to dilute while with Alan Red shirts, the collar remains in shape. They are comfortable and do not shrink. I can also say that the service [site name] excellent. Reliable, safe for your payment and a good status of your order. Henri (Amersfoort).
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (0)
 -  Thursday, 3 March  |  
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
I have been using these T-shirts (Virginia type) for years to my full satisfaction. I bought a new set from the store a few weeks ago. The fit has been changed; the shirts are longer (no problem) and the collar is slightly smaller and no longer fits nicely. I bought a new set again on this site hoping to get the 'old fit'. Unfortunately these are also of the new fit and I sent them back yesterday. Does anyone have a similar experience?
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (8)
 -  Tuesday, 8 December  |  Fred
Alan Red West-Virginia V-Neck White 2-Pack
I bought these shirts because I am always very satisfied with Alan Red. Unfortunately this time they did not deliver what I ordered. Normal the V-neck has a wide collar with a fairly tight V-neck as it should be in the picture and which I am used to. Unfortunately I now got a version with a narrow collar and a wide neck. So not quite right what Alan Red and [site name] shop do, but well I have worn them and can't go back.
  What a shame to hear, Fred! You may have received the wrong model. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take them back if they are no longer in the original packaging. Hopefully we can serve you better in the future, we would love to hear from   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
  • Not like picture
  • Neck too wide
 -  Saturday, 20 December  |  P
Alan Red Vermont T-Shirt V-Neck White (2Pack)
I always wear Alan Red under my Shirts / Polos or sweaters. The shirt is also good, but above you can read that the sizes are not correct. I personally do not suffer from this. I always wear an M from Alan Red. After the wash, it is still the same fit. Therefore, if I do your laundry, I will just keep your size and not buy a larger size. This time I bought an L instead of M. It's okay, but an M would have been nicer.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (0)
 -  Monday, 25 March  |  Martin
Alan Red Special Offer O-Neck T-shirts White 6-Pack
I already knew Alan red shirts. The order and delivery via the webshop went fantastic. When fitting at home it turned out that I had ordered the wrong size. I can buy these shirts a size smaller than other brands. I went to the physical store to exchange and it went smoothly. Super ordinary. usually you get nagging because the web store is different from the real store, but it helped me a lot and I appreciate that
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (5)
 -  Monday, 9 May  |  Martin
Alan Red Special Offer O-Neck T-shirts White 6-Pack
I chose this item because I needed shirts at the time. Am not so brand stuck and wanted to try this offer. I was pleasantly surprised when I put on a shirt. Felt good and had a good (long) length. With me they always shrink in the wash, of course I know that I am not doing it right... but ok guys....! But after the wash, they were still quite at length and not at hip height as usual. So an ideal shirt for me.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 9 April  |  Leonie
Alan Red James Wide Round Neck White 2-Pack
Just received the shirts, so don't know how they stay after washing and wearing. But they look nice and the fit is good. They turned out to be much smaller than expected. My husband is usually a size M / L, but the size L of the t-shirts was really tight. We have exchanged them for size XL, these fit well. Another note: delivery was free, but for the exchange you pay the package costs (6.75) once.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (5)
 -  Wednesday, 20 July  |  B.Baade
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
For years I have been wearing Alan Red t-shirts. Stay beautiful for a long time, very pleasant high / low neck. This shirt stays in good shape and fits well around the neck. In addition, it is a thin shirt which is comfortable to wear under a shirt. These shirts will definitely not lubber after a wash as long as you wash them according to the indicated instructions. These are real top t-shirts.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (0)
 -  Tuesday, 11 June  |  Jan
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
Compliments to customer service. Professional and above all nice people. Fast and easily accessible and do what they promise. Just want you as a customer to be satisfied with what you have bought. My first shipment was good and fine, but not quite what I meant. She (Anita) advised me a good alternative and was at home with a few days. Completely according to your wishes and TOP quality.
  Thank you Jan, What a nice review. Thank you very much for that. It's great that you are so satisfied. We wish you lots of fun wearing your new shirts.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
  • Easily accessible. Also online via chat.
  • Act quickly and appropriately.
  • Friendly and professional
 -  Monday, 27 October  |  Wim
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
I've bought Alan Red Virginia T-shirts from [site name]. They liked them so much I don't want any more! I read in other reviews that the label on the neck feels very harsh. I cut them out. Problem solved! I too would like a little more "turtle neck", but apparently that is not possible. I also have acquaintances who want this, especially older men with thin necks!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (1)
 -  Saturday, 22 September  |  Eric
Alan Red Derby Round Neck T-shirt White 2-Pack
Excellent T-shirt for under a shirt. Narrow, tight collar that stays in shape, even after washing / wearing. Length of the T-shirts is fine, they stay in the pants even after bending. The service of [site name] is really excellent, they deliver as agreed!!! They will be kept well informed (mail) about the status of your order. I have experienced that differently at many web shops.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)

Buying Alan Red T-shirts online

An Alan Red T-shirt, the perfect white T-shirt. Popular with many men and with good reason. Since 1996, Alan Red T-shirts are renowned for their wearing comfort and high quality. The T-shirts are shape-retaining and even the collar, both V-neck and round neck, remains in good shape.
Therefore, in a sense, it is logical that many men opt for these T-shirts. There is a suitable T-shirt for every occasion, in white, grey, dark blue or black. There is also a wide range of wide and narrow collars and fits, making these basic T-shirts much loved.

High-quality white T-shirts by Alan Red

Anyone looking for a basic T-shirt or an Alan Red is aiming for high quality. For a brand as renowned as Alan Red it is necessary to continue to provide quality. The T-shirts and boxer shorts are made of cotton, depending on the model in combination with elastane. The T-shirts remain beautiful and retain a good shape, due to the quality of the cotton. The high-quality cotton makes the T-shirts soft and comfortable to the skin. Because there is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable T-shirt.

How to wear an Alan Red T-shirt?

An Alan Red T-shirt is a fine garment to wear underneath a dress shirt. Wearing a T-shirt underneath a shirt makes the shirt not only more comfortable, it also extends the life of the shirt. The cotton T-shirt absorbs sweat and therefore avoids unpleasant odors in your shirt.
Make sure that the collar of a T-shirt does not show, when you wear it underneath a dress shirt. Choose a T-shirt with extra deep V-neck to avoid the shirt from showing. 

Would you like to make a good impression with a basic look? Wear just a white T-shirt, without a shirt. Combine it with a pair of jeans for a casual look. Naturally, wear a stainless T-shirt that is not too tight. Are you troubled by stains? Read here how to clean a white T-shirt.

Fit of Alan Red T-shirts

To provide anybody with a basic T-shirt, Alan Red offers a collection with various fits. For convenience, every shirt has its own name. This way, you always know which T-shirt you need. For a Regular-Fit T-shirt there are the Derby, Virginia, Verner and Vermont. These models have an O-neck, V-neck or an extra deep V-neck and are made of 100% cotton. There is no stretch in these T-shirts. The collar is made of lycra, to retain a good shape.

Would like a more tight fitting T-shirt to wear comfortably underneath a slim-fit dress shirt? Take a look at the Slim-Fit Alan Red T-shirts. This collection consists of the Dean, James, Montana, Minto, Olbia, Ottawa and Oslo. Depending on the chosen model, the T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton or a blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastane. Due to the slim-fit, these T-shirts fit tighter to the body. Therefore, they are very suitable for men who mostly wear tailored shirts.

Looking for a T-shirt that fits like a glove? A Body-Fit T-shirt is what you need. These T-shirts are about 5 centimeters tighter than the Slim-Fit T-shirts. They fit the body tight, making it invisible so it can disappear underneath your dress shirt. These T-shirts are also available in a NO-neck design, which means an extra deep, therefore invisible, V-neck. The No-Neck Body-Fit Alan Red T-shirts are, in other words, invisible T-shirts.

Our Alan Red T-shirt Top 3

This is our personal Top 3 of Alan Red models:

Extra Long Alan Red T-shirts

The collection was specially developed for the Dutch man. This means that the T-shirts are longer than average. Yet, the T-shirts from the normal collection might still not be long enough for you. Therefore, Alan Red offers the extra long T-shirts. These are 5 cm longer, to create a better fit. These extra 5 cm keep the T-shirt in your trousers the whole day, to make it most comfortable.
The collection of extra long T-shirts is can be recognized by the ‘Extra long’ overlay.

Buying Alan Red T-shirts by Suitable
At Suitable you can find the right outfit for every occasion and therefore, basic T-shirts couldn’t be missed. Find the biggest collection of Alan Red T-shirts and underwear for men at Suitable. Easily ordered online!

Alan Red Bamboo

Bamboo T-shirts are very soft and have thermal features. It has a cooling effect in the summer and retains warmth in the winter. The bamboo basics are anti-allergenic, which makes them highly suitable for the sensitive skin. Bamboo clothing is very suitable both as sportswear as well as a classic basic for daily wear.

New: Alan Red Underwear

The success of the T-shirts led to Alan Red Underwear. These boxer shorts are made of the same cotton as the T-shirts and also consist of a cotton and elastane blend. The Alan Red boxer shorts are available in the same colors as the T-shirts. Therefore, you can always find matching underwear.
The quality is, as you would expect, as high as it is of the T-shirts.

Alan Red special offers and lowest price guarantee

Suitable is the place to be in terms of special offers of Alan Red. During the Suitable sale, you can get a discount up to 30% on your new T-shirts. Can’t wait for the sale? Buy one of the multipacks. This way you can buy more than one of your favorite T-shirts for an extra low price.

Suitable offers a lowest price guarantee on Alan Red T-shirts. This way we make sure you won’t overpay for your new T-shirts. Have you spotted your new T-shirt for a better price somewhere else after purchasing it at Suitable? Contact our customer-service. 

About Alan Red

It once started in Magir, Italy. Since 1940, this company creates high-quality basics for other brands. Since 1996 the brand Alan Red was founded, which was the start for your beloved basic T-shirts. The introduction to the Dutch market was a big hit. When you are looking for a comfortable basic white, high-quality, T-shirt, the best advice is Alan Red.

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