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Tough, rugged, and raw, those are the keywords of Cast Iron. The brand offers fashionable menswear and focuses on the young, ambitious man. Men who want to be seen have guts and want to come up with a modern casual outfit. Are you excited yet? This beautiful brand has now been added to the Suitable collection. Buy your Cast Iron clothing online at Suitable.

The Cast Iron men's brand is tough and masculine. The turquoise coin with the dragon is a signature that returns on every item, symbolizes the following: connection, strength, and trust. Cast Iron clothing means "cast iron" and embraces the harsh life that knights used to have. The masculinity of the knights radiates and reflects in everything. The motto of the brand is, therefore, that it dresses the knights of this time. Retro and uniform style are central themes in collection making. Everything is based to a greater or lesser extent on specific old garments from knights time and masculinity expression. Cast Iron emphasizes broad shoulders by playing with the fit, colors, fabrics, or combinations to accentuate this. Cast Iron is a relatively young brand that comes from originating from The Netherlands. The brand was founded in 2003 by Just Brands, The founding father of brands like PME Legend and Vanguard. This brand is a premium brand that combines ready-to-wear clothing and denim. Do you like to look neat, but with a casual and cool touch? Then you should try the Cast Iron brand!

Cast Iron men’s fashion

The relatively young brand Cast Iron has recently proven itself in the fashion industry. The brand is now sold in four countries: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Belgium. And this number will only increase in the near future. The garments are made of good quality materials. The brand always has a nice tailored fit and aspires to a modern, rough, trendy, but neat look finished with beautiful subtle details. These details make the difference that makes Cast Iron, Cast Iron. The brand's look and feel are reflected in the five core values: a sense of style, masculine, exceptional details and fabrics, carefully selected materials, energetic - raw, and rebellious.

Cast Iron’s Collection

Cast Iron's collection at Suitable includes casual shirts, polos in fresh spring and summer colors, fashionable sweaters, and cool jeans with various blue and gray washes. Combine the jeans with a matching polo or shirt, and you have a complete outfit. The collection is innovative and the ideal casual wear for the man of today.


Skinny fit is a very slim-fitted fit that fits tightly around the body. The skinny fit is suitable for men with a small posture and is the same as a super slim fit. Slim fit is a highly tailored fit that follows the curves of the body. This fit is suitable for men with a medium to slender build. Regular fit is a straight cut, loose and comfortable. The regular fit is ideal for men with a normal to wider build and can be compared with a comfort fit.

Combinations with Cast Iron skinny jeans

skinny jeans on men look better is because you see the shape of the legs, which is highly flattering. Whenever a guy is in baggy jeans, it looks messy and untidy, and there's nothing classic or sleek about it. Skinny jeans on men leave room to show off your footwear choice as well, so if you have some great sneakers, boots, loafers, driving shoes, etc., your skinny jeans will show these off perfectly! The most common and simplest way to rock skinny jeans is with a t-shirt. The rule with a t-shirt and skinny jeans combos is color contrast and fit. T-shirts can be fitted for a cleaner and neater look. Make sure the color of your jeans is different from your t-shirt. Black jeans and a black shirt is the only exception here.  Besides casual, you can also wear your skinny jeans smart casual. Perfect for your working environment. Standard skinny jeans will work wonders for your casual Fridays' look. Indigo is the most popular skinny jeans color as it's the most visible in style. Pair it with anything from a grey to black and even a navy blazer. It all works, but the one rule you need to follow is to wear brown shoes, whether boots or loafers. Black shoes won't work with indigo denim as it goes against the more casual appearance. When you are rocking skinny black jeans, black shoes are your go-to color. The most common skinny jeans and jacket combo you'll see these days are combinations with a bomber jacket, a leather jacket, a denim jacket, field jackets, or outerwear jackets. We recommend breaking up your jacket's color with the jeans as these are both statement pieces and shouldn't blend into one another. For an extra layering effect, simply throw on a shirt underneath, and you will have one killer outfit that looks cool. Shoes are varied depending on your casual or semi-formal look. Sneakers, leather boots, and lace-up dress shoes are all good choices here. Just no loafers because it's odd wearing summer footwear with winter gear.

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