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At Suitable we make sure your moment fits your style. With the Suitable Club we make sure you have extra privileges that you can use. As a Club member you benefit from extra discounts, extra warranty and extra service

  • Get a gift voucher at least twice a year
  • Be the first to benefit from sales and extra discounts
  • Receive exclusive Suitable gadgets
  • You get a one year warranty on the Suitable label
  • Get extra warranty on our other brands
  • Be the first to dress in the latest collection
  • Stay up to date on clothing etiquette and style codes
  • Take advantage of an extra wide exchange policy
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Here are the benefits

Suitable ensures a tailored and seamless experience regardless of what channel the visitor is using. This means that the look, content and experience are always and everywhere the same

Extra discount

Take advantage of extra discounts, vouchers and exclusive Suitable gadgets

Extra warranty

Receive extra warranty on our clothing. Even a whole year on the Suitable label!

Extra service

Be the first to know about trends, the latest looks and etiquettes

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