-  Wednesday, 8 July  |  Carmen
Garage Stretch Basic White V-Neck
very nice quality; thick sturdy fabric, which stays beautiful after washing; nicely fitted; fits well.
  Good that everything is to your liking!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Good quality fabric nicely fitted
 -  Tuesday, 6 November  |  J
Garage Stretch Basic White O-Neck
well organised
  Good to hear that you are satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Garage Underwear and T-shirts online

Garage has the answer for every man. Whether you are looking for the perfect affordable basics or just underwear with more flair, the Garage collection has it all. The Garage T-shirts are made of combed cotton, which gives the shirt a luxurious look. The perfect fit is an excellent aspect of the Garage shirt due to its addition of 5% elastane. The Garage T-shirts for men are available in a range of nice basic colors to combine with any look. Colors like white, black, and navy blue are the best colors for you for any outfit.

Affordable Garage T-shirts at Suitable

Garage Tees are more than affordable without sacrificing quality. Garage underwear makes its T-shirts since 2009. Their in-house purchase department guarantees high-quality yarns and, thus, good quality underwear. You will experience a high-quality basic t-shirt for a nice and suitable price. Garage makes t-shirts in their factory, which means that they can deliver the same high-quality 12 months a year. Tip: Do you wear a T-shirt under a dress shirt? Then choose a V-neck so the T-shirt will not be visible.

The perfect basics from Garage

You can buy Garage T-shirts at Suitable in any desired fit. In our wide range of Garage items, you will find the fits like semi-body fit and body fit, available in a v-neck or O-neck. There is always a perfect fit T-shirt for you.

The body fit Tees from Garage have a slimmer cut, and thus they are more fitted around your body. This model is ideal for wearing under a shirt or a sweater. Are you looking for a basic t-shirt that you can also wear with jeans? Then choose the semi-body fit shirts. These have a slightly looser fit and are more suitable for casual wear. Does a white T-shirt not meet your needs? Then you can also choose from black, gray or navy blue T-shirts. The cotton is colored by Garage in an environmentally friendly way and made from durable, high-quality yarn. This way, your Garage underwear will stay beautiful and in the right fit for a longer time.

Besides a wide range of t-shirts, Garage offers the same best quality man underwear with a range of suitable colors for any occasion. See our Suitable collection online!

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