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How do these beautiful, Giorgio 1958, Italian shoes become so superior in other countries' markets? The answer is in the history of Italian shoemakers. For many centuries they have been refining their shoemaking techniques, and you will not find a higher standard than in Italy. Nowadays, we are lucky that we don't need to buy a plane ticket to buy Italian shoes. You can order them online at the Suitable store.

The beginning of Shoemaking

Shoemaking started in a small village in Italy by hand. The local craftsman used the most available materials. In that time, they would produce shoes for the whole community. They would adjust the sizes for children to adults to make it as comfortable as possible. Leather was the most used product at that time. Because it was the job of one man to master all the techniques, many have become famous by doing that craft.


While the rest of the World was busy mastering the technique, Italian shoemakers refined the raw materials and goods. Italian leather has become the most willing material in the World. Its soft, flexible, and fully textured. The artistic way of processing the leather has made Italy the country of shoe fashion. Through the years, Italians have been adapting and adjusting their techniques to perfection. Now it is time for the masses, and an era of elegant casual wear has arrived.

Giorgio 1958 men's shoes at Suitable

Giorgio's story begins in a small factory in Italy. Here the luxurious, handmade shoes were produced daily. The first sales of these classic men's shoes took place in idyllic Italy. Later, when the brand spread its wings to other countries, the Giorgio handcrafted shoe started to grow. Giorgio's beautiful men's shoes were popular in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others. Today there is still no difference. The beautiful Giorgio shoes are very popular and worn by many men. After all, a classic and handmade shoe looks beautiful under a suit or casual wear, especially when it can be combined with a matching belt. Define your look and make you stand up among others!

High-quality leather or suede

Giorgio's men's shoes and belts are made of excellent quality leather, cow leather to be precise. Thanks to 100% Italian craftsmanship and careful attention, every Giorgio shoe is refined to perfection. The luxurious Giorgio shoes of excellent quality last a long time and are very comfortable.

In every Giorgio 1958 shoe collection, you will find:

What makes Giorgio 1958 different from others is that it offers you a nice unique pattern that would look outstanding with your wardrobe choices. The soles of each Giorgio men's shoe are manually stitched with pitch-dipped thread. The soles are often fastened using the Blake method or the Goodyear method, where the insole is stitched onto the outsole, or the shoe sole is double stitched. This gives the shoe extra strength, and the finish looks luxurious! Our online YouTube video will show the art of making Giorgio shoes below.

Different fits, for different feet

Every person is different, and every person has a different foot shape. As a men's shoe specialist, Giorgio understands this like no other. Giorgio's shoes are therefore made in different fits. Choose men's shoes with last width G if you have narrow or normal feet; order a shoe with last width H if you have wide feet. Are you exactly in the middle? Then choose men's shoes with a width of G½.

At Suitable online store, we are also a fan of Giorgio 1958, which is why we have an extensive collection of men's shoes and belts. Easily shop online or visit one of the Suitable shops that serve as Giorgio sales point.

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