Greyder LAB, sustainable shoes

Dutch shoe brand Greyder L A B has a mission; the shoe market needs to become sustainable. That's why the designers from Den Bosch started developing shoes made up to 90% sustainable and recycled materials. The design department experiments with innovative ideas, new designs, and new materials. For example, even recycled coffee is used to make sneakers. Greyderlab's shoes are made in fresh and modern styles. Also, the designers use an extensive color palette and often choose colorful designs.

The 6 values of Greyder LAB #WeCare

Greyderlab values sustainability and originality, it is a transparent brand that cares about creativity, comfort, diversity, innovation, nature and social responsibility. You can see this in the 6 brand values:

  1. Originality & Style: The shoes are designed to leave an impression. Wearing Greyderlab shoes is a good way to express yourself.
  2. Fit & Quality: The high-quality finish makes the shoes super comfortable because the removable soles are made of 'memory foam'; they form themselves to your feet.
  3. Recycling & Organic: To produce the shoes Greyderlab uses recycled materials such as coffee, car tires, cork, plastic bottles, and sugar cane. The sneakers are made from up to 90% recycled materials.
  4. LWG brand: Greyderlab is a member of the 'Leather Working Group'. This means that the leather in the shoes comes from sustainable leather production, where they save as much water and electricity as possible.
  5. Forest fund: From every pair of sneakers sold, a small margin is donated to forests' development and maintenance.
  6. Scientific research: Greyderlab shares the ideas about sustainability with the 'Dutch Bachelor Studies Circular Economy'. By working together, you reach an even better result.

Change the world, the world is changing

By wearing sustainable clothing, you can protect the environment and contribute to a sustainable society. By recycling or upcycling materials, you give existing materials a second life. This leads to less environmental pollution and a smaller footprint on the earth.

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