-  Saturday, 30 January  |  William
OppoSuits Blazing Burgundy Suit
Hello, I can not tell you anything about this, I do have a question, I would like to have this article but my size is not there.
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 -  Wednesday, 27 January  |  Pieter
OppoSuits Purple Prince Suit
Beautiful bright colors, you stand out and that is fun. Please use several colors in size 62.
  Dear Pieter, it is nice that this Opposuit was so popular. We will pass the suggestion on to the purchasing department! See you at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fast delivery
  • Nicely finished
  • Neat with tie
  • Other suits do not have a size 62
 -  Monday, 15 February  |  Marcel
OppoSuits Tulips from Amsterdam Costume
Super suit, worn during the carnival. good fit and cut.
  Nice that it was a success, Marcel! Thanks for the nice review and maybe see you next year?   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 17 February  |  Bert
OppoSuits Starring Suit
Was delivered just before Carnival and right on time.
  What timing! Hopefully this costume was completely to your liking.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Quality
  • Fit
 -  Sunday, 8 May  |  Kevin
OppoSuits Cashanova Suit
The quality of the stitching could be better
  Thanks for your feedback, Kevin! Hopefully you will still enjoy your Oppo.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (1)
  • It's a neat suit
  • Good fit
  • Unique
  • Nice inner lining
  • After 10 minutes of wearing a knot already came loose
  • Lots of loose threads
  • You cannot buy the jacket and pants in different sizes
 -  Monday, 25 January  |  Kevin
OppoSuits Badaboom Suit
Great product. Have fun. Delivery is good.
  Nice, good that you like it this way! If you want a different print, you know where to find us!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 7 December  |  Sven
OppoSuits Stars and Stripes Suit
Gone perfectly
  Thanks for this nice compliment! We hope you enjoy wearing the costume.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 14 April  |  Jan
OppoSuits Blue Steel Suit
Totally blitz
  Beautiful blue is not ugly! Have fun wearing it, Jan, and see you soon!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Pus points only
  • Big plus
  • Am very happy with it.
  • Nice color
  • Fits like a glove
  • No negatives
  • No negatives
  • No negatives
  • No coins
  • No negatives

Buy your OppoSuits online at Suitable.

Try a handsome suit with a print from OppoSuits. OppoSuits suits are fine suits with funny prints to make you stand out. These suits cannot be found in typical stores. When you are looking for something truly unique, you need Suitable and OppoSuits. Because OppoSuits doesn’t have an OppoSuits store yet, you can find Oppo suits at the selected Suitable stores and in the Suitable webshop.

Amazing suits, amazing prints

Oppo suit, Opposuites, Opposuite, at Suitable, we are familiar with all versions. What is OppoSuits exactly? OppoSuits creates suits for parties, launches, festivals, soccer games, and so on.  Having a company trip or a party with your society and would you all like to dress identically? Try a goofy OppoSuits suit and be surprised with its quality and fit.

OppoSuits’ masterminds

Three years ago, during a trip through Asia, Guus, Jelle, and Jasper came up with a great idea. They set up a company, and in less than three years, they gained customers in over 50 countries. They value not only good quality but also an affordable price. Their mission: producing suits with fine prints for stylish men who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Opposuit Sale

You might have googled some sale references in combination with OppoSuits, right? You did not find anything, I assume. This is because they are dirt cheap already. And since the brand is not bound to regular fashion waves, they can produce what they want when they want. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a cheap suit he can wear more than once.

An amazing Opposuit!

By ordering an OppoSuits suit, you are guaranteed to make a statement. Order your suit easily online, for a party or a function, whether it has a theme or not. Besides, you can wash an OppoSuits suit at 30 degrees, and you can wear it more than once. Find below the fast-selling models.

Opposuits Rudolph

The perfect Nordic-themed suit. Although the name makes you think about Christmas, you can definitely use this suit for much more than just Christmas. Any winter theme will be a perfect fit for this model. Sure Xmas is also one of the events you can wear this suit too. Read below a real Christmas model.


The ultimate Xmas/Christmaster suit

For Christmas, you can not just pick one suit. There are several brilliant prints in a Christmas theme. One of these suits is “the Christmaster.” A red suit with pine trees and snowmen. How much more appropriate can it be. Another great Xmas inspired OppoSuit is the Santaboss. Stylish Xmas green combined with Santa’s head, Christmas stockings, Jingle Bells, and Sugar canes. Try to beat that outfit!

St Patricks day suit

A good party needs a good suit. Ever wondered what to wear for St Patrick’s day? Don’t wonder anymore. Take this Patrick suit. With a perfect fit and distinguish cloverleaves, this outfit is ideal for your next festive day.

Opposuits King of Hearts

Are you looking for a perfect outfit for Valentine’s day? Or your wedding anniversary? And you guys like a joke and don’t take life too seriously? Then this suit is perfect for you. Initially, a black suit, but the big hearts will catch your eyes immediately.

Opposuits Cashanova

One of the old-time favorites within the assortment of OppoSuits is the Cashanova. A suit printed with dollars, a suit for every self-made millionaire, or somebody who wants to look funny at a party or get together. Don’t take yourself or the one wearing this suit too seriously. We all know that wearing a suit like this won’t help you with that. But it definitely looks fly.

Summer suits, a suit with shorts

For a few months, summer suits are available. Short sleeves and shorts to challenge the heat. Perfect for a summer party, or when you like to dress up and stand out. Available in mainly plain colors but still awesome to have and relatively cheap. When you sweat easily or get hot quickly, this suit can be a better fit compared to the longe sleeved suit.


Besides the crazy prints and blasting colors, OppoSuits also designs a great Tuxedo. Actually, they have several in their collection. Sold at a slightly higher price point but still very competitive compared to mainstream tuxedo’s. In combination with their tuxedo’s, they also design a great blazer. The blazers are available in three colors, and tuxedo’s in four fantastic stylish colors. They deserve your thought when looking for something more stylish.

Opposuits UK and Ireland

When living in the UK or Ireland and looking for OppoSuits, we can ship your favorite OppoSuits suit to your doorstep. Suitable usually delivers within three working days. Don’t feel deprived form this amazing brand when living in the UK or Ireland, thanks to the internet and international retailers like ourselves; everything is just a few mouseclicks away. On our site, all currencies change to the right country. The amount you see is the price you are going to pay. No weird calculations need to be done by you. So when living in the UK or Ireland, all great European brands like OppoSuits are available.

Are OppoSuits suits good?


This is a fair question, the price is low, and the suits look great. So there should be a catch somewhere, right? Well, not really. One of the reasons the price is so low is because of the materials used. All theme inspired suits are made from synthetic materials. This drastically reduces manufacturing costs. Because business suits are made from expensive materials like S120 wools or similar fabrics, this difference might result in setting you off when looking at the price. So the quality is good, but we will not advise using an OppoSuit as your daily business suit, not even the black or navy colored ones.

Order your OppoSuits online at Suitable.

Wondering what specific measure of Opposuits you need? View the Opposuits size chart.
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