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Save The Duck Jacket Giga Y Ruby Brown
Lovely warm jacket.
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Sustainable Jackets and Coats from Save the Duck

Save the Duck is the brand for animal-friendly and fashionable winter and summer coats. The jacket is perfect for gentlemen who like warmth and want to look well-dressed. Save the Duck jackets protect you from the changing weather conditions. The brand is founded in Italy by Nicolas Bargi, head of The forest clothing company. Their core values are: Creating a product that is animal, human, and environmentally friendly.

PLUMTECH padding

Save the Duck jackets feature the innovative PLUMTECH filling. PLUMTECH padding was developed to accommodate animal-friendly padding with animal feathers' softness and the benefit of warmth-retaining padding but is still animal-friendly. The fabrics further ensure to be easy care. You can wash and dry Save the duck jackets with ease. Only synthetic materials are used. Perfect alternatives without harming animals.
Recycled PLUMTECH is a padding made from 100% recycled polyester materials like plastic PET bottles. All jackets made with this padding have a green and white logo.

Perfect model Save the Duck jackets

Save the Duck jackets are available in various cheerful and trendy colors and made of high-quality fabrics. Thanks to its Italian design, the jackets fit your body perfectly. The jackets are perfect for taking with you on a trip and are easy to pack away. After taking them out of your bag or suitcase, the jacket immediately takes on the right shape. Because of the airy materials, these men's jackets are ready to wear right away. Popular models are:
Angy:This jacket is made from a knitted polyester/nylon fabric giving it a nice natural stretch. The fabric makes sure that the jacket is suitable for outdoor and city wear. Angy has a lightweight and innovative membrane to make sure it keeps the rain out but is still breathable.
Bark: The Save the Duck Bark jacket consists of a three-layer 100% polyester fabric. This ensures high performance in terms of waterproof and moisture-proof.
Giga: One of the popular models in the Save the Duck collection. This lightweight sporty jacket is made from nylon fabric and absorbs moisture, and dries quickly.
Luck: One of the shinier jackets is the Luck jacket. Made of nylon, which gives the jacket its silky and luminous appearance. Perfectly windproof and lightweight. Perfect for a day at the windy beach.
RecyThe Recy jacket of Save the Duck is a dull-looking polyester puffer jacket. Lightweight and easy to pack away. Made of 100% recycled polyester.

Save the Duck in-between jackets

Save the Duck is a brand with several jackets suitable for spring or fall. The word says it all, a men's in-between jacket is ideal for wearing in spring or fall. All jackets from Save the Duck are lightweight, so is the in-between jacket.

Save the Duck men

Save the Duck has padded jackets for men. A popular jacket from Save the Duck is the Giga model. This model for men is available with and without a hood. A nice extra of this jacket is that you can zip it up to the top. The men's jackets from Save the Duck have a Slim Fit. Meaning that the jackets have a tight fit. In addition to the padded jacket, Save the Duck also has body warmers for men. The bodywarmers are padded and ideal for wearing over a sweater or cardigan. Just like the Save the Duck jacket, a bodywarmer is lightweight.

Maintenance and Care

Save the Duck is all about minimalizing the impact on the planet. This seeps through in their maintenance and care of the products. Wash your Save the Duck coats and jackets at a low temperature use little washing detergent. Let is spin on a short cycle. Save the Duck advice to use a filter bag to catch microfibres. You can buy a filter bag or install a filter in your washing machine. Also, it is wise to use tennis balls during washing to keep the padding in shape. Please don't use a dryer to dry your coats and jackets; instead, let it air dry. Also, ironing is not advised since the jackets are mainly made of synthetic materials. Don't let your coats be dry cleaned because a lot of chemicals are used with this process. Did you buy a waterproof jacket? Chances are you need to replenish the coating. You can do this by drying the garment for 30 min in a dryer, Iron it lightly or spray an extra coating on the jacket or coat.

Regenerative business awards

Save the Duck won a lot of sustainable and animal-friendly awards a few of these are PETA awards 2014/16/17/18/19, LAV 2015 awards, UNNIA, Eccellenza d'impresa 2019, Gazzetta 2019, Unicorn Goods 2017

Save the Duck online shop

Save the Duck is available online at Suitable. Suitable has an extensive collection of Save the Duck jackets, available in different colors and models. Shop the Giga, Gigay, Mineral, and Alpine models online at Suitable.

Perfect garment combinations

So you stand on the verge of buying a Save the Duck jacket or coat, but you are not sure how to make combinations with it. Well, the colors of Save the Duck match with a lot of colors. The only thing you should think about is whether you wear a sports jacket or not. The puffer/in-between jackets like Recy and Giga will be too short for a sports jacket. In that case, opt for a coat. In all other cases, you can choose either model.
All jackets and coats are perfect to wear over a dress shirt, sweater, or cardigan. For a sporty look, you can mix them with some cool and trendy jeans. If you'd like to keep it a little more smart, then choose a neat pair of chinos.

At Suitable we sell different brands of coats so feel free to browse around some more if Save the duck is not what you were looking for.


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