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Scotch and Soda is a Dutch brand that stands for fashionable clothing that is unique and affordable. They like to distinguish themselves because they have an eye for detail and are inspired by the whole world. This inspiration also reflects in the various other clothing lines they have launched in addition to Scotch and Soda. It is a reliable brand, recognized for its beautiful quality and fashionable style. When looking for casual dress shirts than Scotch has an excellent collection too.

This brand has a "free spirit mentality," as every designer is motivated to travel the world and get inspired for a new collection. This means that every assortment is unique and has many facets to it. It's not only a T-shirt, but it's also the whole world in one T-shirt. Anything can be an inspiration to Scotch & Soda; nothing is impossible. This brand has Dutch (Amsterdam) roots, but it carries the whole world. If you are a seeker for a classic collection with a vintage touch and the latest fashion in one, Scotch & Soda will do this.

Scotch and Soda T-shirts

Several good T-shirts cannot be missing in the men's wardrobe. You can choose many basics that are easy to combine. Since the weather changes often and quickly, it is easy to combine a t-shirt with a cardigan or sweater, so you can better adjust to the temperature. Apart from the basics, it is also good to wear T-shirts during the warm summer months that complete your outfit. Think of prints, colors, text, and vintage style. Within Scotch and Soda, they offer a spacious range where you can always find a good T-shirt. Suppose you choose the right t-shirt, it's essential to consider the following. With a classic style, you can not go wrong. Just make sure that it's not too tight, as it will show all your body aspects. Also, make sure it is not too wide as it will appear too baggy.

So the golden rule will be to choose the right size for your body shape and the right fabric. Thick cotton with a bit of elastane will be more flattering. It will look luxurious and feel comfortable to wear. Also, this fabric quality will not make anybody's shape look bad. It will look flattering for any man. As this fabric quality is not easy to make, the price could be higher than you use, but it will definitely pay its self back through time and quality. Many T-shirts contain cotton but not every cotton is made equal. Soft cotton can appear more casual as tighter quality can look like a straight cut and appear more strictly. When you buy your perfect T-shirt, consider the following: your body shape, fabric quality, the look you plan to wear, the season.

Scotch and Soda T-shirt fit

Normal T-shirts should fit just over your belt, and the sleeves should fit neatly on the shoulder and upper arm. A casual T-shirt should be a little bit looser. When wearing a T-shirt under a dress or casual shirt, make sure it is slim-fit. Also, look carefully at the type of collar of the T-shirt. It's recommended not to wear a crew neck underneath your casual shirt unless you wear it open. In that case, it will give a playful casual look. When wearing a T-shirt under your dress shirt, opt for a (deep)-V-neck T-shirt. You don't want to see your T-shirt collar when wearing a dress shirt.

Summer Tees

Originally, T-shirts were invented in 1932 to be functional for American football players to absorb sweat and prevent shoulder pads from falling off. But later on, it became a statement in the 1950"s it was cool to wear. The latest trend in Tees is a crew neck with a patterned front or back. This pattern can be printed or woven into the fabric. Scotch has a wide variety of options, as mentioned before. The world inspires Scotch&Soda. Meaning: anything unique that catches the designer's eye is an inspiration for the Scotch and Soda collection. Go for catchy prints like their brand name or their name incorporated in graphic designs. Or pick a youthful Breton type stripe. A feature you will see more and more in summer. Lines are back and with a high closing crew neck, a very fashionable item to have. All Scotch and Soda Tees are made from 100% cotton to improve breathability.

Graphic Design Scotch & Soda

Horizontal stripes have a negative reputation. But this is only the case if you are wearing the wrong size. The wide and straight horizontal T-shirt from Scotch&Soda will make your chest and shoulders look broader. Just remember not to wear it too tight! A graphic T-shirt can lift your formal wear. If you use the shirt's colors, it can brighten or darken the outfit.

Slogan Design Scotch&Soda

Trying to make a simple statement without overdoing it can be an art itself. But Scotch& Soda makes it easy. This by processing a statement into their designs or logo. So it stays easy going, simple, and executable for every man. These t-shirts make you appear fashionable and sophisticated on any occasion.

Suitable Scotch&Soda

The collection of Scotch&Soda is a perfect addition to our online store. We love Dutch brands, and we make them more accessible to you. You can match t-shirts from Scotch& Soda with every look. Semi-casual with Jeans is a perfect combination. If you want to dress more formal, take a look at Scotch&Soda's polo shirts. Get your "free spirit fashion  at our Suitable store. To make sure you are wearing the right size, don't hesitate to contact us through e-mail, chat, or by phone.
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