-  Tuesday, 21 June  |  Geerten
Seidensticker Splendesto Black White Striped
Very nice shirt, exactly in the shape and with the details as I like to wear them. Seidensticker shirts are very nice and solidly finished. Generous, excellent fit, just like a shirt should be - never tight, but blouse.
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  • Fit
  • Finish
  • Delivery
 -  Thursday, 30 June  |  A.C.
Seidensticker Splendesto Shirt White
I have been wearing these shirts for years because of the perfect fit but bought them from another retailer. Glad I can now order them from [site name] at a better price. Class!
  Very good to hear that, Mr Lokker! See you again at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fit
  • Price
  • No
 -  Monday, 20 March  |  Wilco
Seidensticker Shirt Regular Fit Dark Grey
The color of the shirt was a much lighter gray than the photo and the name of the product suggested
  What a pity that the shirt is not to your liking Wilco! You can of course exchange or return it. For questions about this you can contact our customer service, we are happy to help you!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Pleasant fabric
  • Good fit
  • Light gray instead of anthracite
 -  Tuesday, 21 June  |  Maarten
Seidensticker Splendesto Short Sleeve Shirt White
Short sleeve, cotton, self-ironing. Very good in warm countries on the road
  Thank you for being happy with it Maarten! Happy wearing.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Cotton
  • Self-ironing
  • Pricey for a simple white shirt
  • Button down
 -  Thursday, 6 July  |  Ria
Seidensticker Splendesto Short Sleeve Shirt White
good quality, fits well, perfect fit (my husband has a belly)
  Good afternoon Ria, Good to hear that your husband is so happy! See you next time at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 24 October  |  Jean
Seidensticker Shirt SF Denim Blue
Super fast delivery, beautiful product of good quality.
  Hello Jean Paul, Thank you for being satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Board a little too far back for my taste
 -  Saturday, 12 October  |  Eveline
Seidensticker Tuxedo Shirt Plisse Kent MF
beautiful shirt, meets expectations
  Good to read Eveline. Have fun with your purchase and of course we look forward to seeing you at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 17 April  |  Jan
Seidensticker Splendesto Short Sleeve Shirt White
Excellent price / quality ratio!
  Good to read that you are so satisfied! Happy wearing :)   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 25 April  |  Jan
Seidensticker Splendesto Shirt White
beautiful shirt, nice fit
  How nice to hear Jan! Thank you for being satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Seidensticker Dress Shirts Online at Suitable

The German brand Seidensticker was founded in 1919 and has become one of the oldest European brands for shirts. It is, therefore, with good reason that a Seidensticker shirt equals quality and comfort.

Seidensticker: quality and comfort

This men’s brand has much experience and created three different fits based on knowledge and expertise. Creating a collection with suitable and perfect clean fitting shirts for every man and any occasion. All the products meet the german quality that we have been known trough years. Nowadays, Seidensticker is a successful worldwide brand. They have been on the market in many countries to think of Seidensticker Uk, New York, Europe. Just a Worldwide brand for any and every man. Every man’s everyday challenge is how to match his shirt with his pants for the perfect everyday look or a special occasion. If you work every day, you already probably have a routine for wearing your perfect match outfit for work. But if you would like to try new colors and not appear every day in the same combinations, this could be tricky. But not to despair, we have some excellent tips for you with new insights for perfecting your look in the right style.

Color is always involved in choosing a perfect outfit. But there is more to it than just colors. For example, you would not match your Seidensticker oxford shirt with sneakers. It would just not fit right and will not fulfill each other. If you make your outfit choice based only on color, you should know how the colors match with each other in different items. Here are some simple rules that work any time: · Neutral colors. If you are not sure about the color, go for natural tones. This will give you a clear view and will blend easily with other colors you are wearing. These colors are well-known colors like khaki or less known like, olive green, light grey, light blue, navy and cream. Easy right? They will complete any look you choose.

· Create a color contrast in items you are planning to wear. You want colors that would be opposite of each other. If you wear too much of the same color, it would just be too much and will not complement your outfit · See how the colors work with each other and if they complement your skin tone. You don’t have to strictly buy the same colors to make them work for you in your outfit. But how about multiple colors and patterns of Seidensticker shirts? How to combine them? They are some tricks to keep in mind: · Use one clothing item to calm down the other in a visual appearance. Like this; if you wear a patterned shirt with many colors, use plain color pants to complete the look, the dress shirt and the pants match each other, resulting in a more finished look. · The overall tone of the shirt. There is always a main color that dominates every print. If you see this color, then it’s easy to match the same color pants with it. · Mixing patterns and colors is not impossible, but if you are a beginner, it is not necessary. Just avoid pattern on pattern, and you will be fine. After you get used to matching colors and patterns, you can always go for a more dared look. · If you want to mix but not sure where to start. Just take it easy, go for a Seidensticker print shirt and Suitable Chino with a small dot. This will work perfectly.

Seidensticker extra long sleeve

There are many long men in the world. So, Seidensticker has long sleeve shirts to provide everyone with a perfectly fitted and designed shirt. But how to choose them? You probably already know that you need an extra long-sleeved shirt simply because the rest of the shirts are too short.

Seidensticker extra long shirts have a sleeve length of 70cm or 27,5 inch. To double-check if an extra long-sleeved shirt is for you, you need to measure your neck, chest, and length of your arm sleeve. Seidensticker extra long sleeve shirts are Non-iron, have a breast pocket, and a widespread or a cut-a-way collar. With a Seidensticker, you always find the perfect shirt for your outfit. The Suitable slogan ‘My moment, my style’ is entirely in line with this trendy shirts brand. The shirts are available in several colors, such as classic light blue or romantic pink. Also, regarding collars, Seidensticker offers several options. For instance, try a shirt with a Kent collar or a shirt with a button-down collar. Once you have found your favorite model and fit, you can expand your wardrobe with the most beautiful colors and styles you wished for. As a result of many years of experience, Seidensticker’s assortment nowadays consists of three fits. This way they offer a suitable shirt for every man. The fits are ‘Uno Regular,’ ‘Uno Super Slim-Fit,’ ‘Splendesto Modern-Fit,’ and ‘Splendesto Regular-Fit.’

Would you like some personal advice, or would you like to know what would fit you best? Feel free to contact customer service. We are happy to help. If you would like to check which specific Seidensticker size you need, check the Seidensticker size chart.

Seidensticker Tuxedo shirts

Many men don’t know the difference between Tuxedo Shirt and Dress Shirt. Do you really need a Tuxedo Shirt for a Tuxedo look? The answer is YES, it makes a big difference. People accepted the modern versions a long time ago in France. They are much closer to the Dress Shirt and just as comfortable too. See the Tuxedo shirts of the Seidensticker collection. This plain shirt with hidden buttons and cuffs will do a perfect and suitable job for you for an appropriate occasion.
Fabrics- Seidensticker Tuxedo shirt are comfortable and classy. Made from the best cotton. Cotton is natural, breathable, and at the same time, a soft and durable fabric. Twill- is a tight cotton weave with a bit of texture in the form of lines. With a bit of shine, it looks more formal. Twills are normally heavier and tend to get less wrinkly.

Care for your Sheidensticker shirt

For every man for every occasion, we have a solution at Suitable. This brand stands for durability and will serve you well for many years. But this also comes with a little effort from your side. All the Seidensticker shirts are easy to take care of: wash it, hang it, iron it, and wear it. But there are some simple rules to follow:

  • Wash it with the same colors
  • Prepare the collar before you wash it. The collar should be up and the upper button closed. This will keep the collar in shape throughout the washing cycle.
  • Try not to wash more than six shirts at the same time. This would be approximately half of your washing machine. By doing this, the machine will clean all the shirts thoroughly.
  • Easy care program would do good for your shirts’ fabric and shape
  • 40 degrees is ideal for the shirt.
  • We don’t recommend drying your shirts using a tumble dryer. However, if you want to use it, don’t dry your shirt too hot! And place the shirts on a hanger as quickly as possible.

Seidensticker and Suitable

Suitable stands for quality, comfort, and style accessible for every man. Seidensticker fulfills this standard, and we are happy to have it in our online collection. Buy Seidensticker online at Suitable. When looking for other dress shirt brands we advise you to browse around on our webshop.
Wondering what specific measure of Seidensticker you need? View the Seidensticker size chart.
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