-  Thursday, 16 October  |  Tim
Olymp Luxor Shirt Modern Fit Grey
I ordered an Olymp non-iron shirt in the body-fit. This turned out to be a too slim fit for me. Exchanged in the store for a modern-fit model, excellent service when exchanging. The modern-fit is a bit wider, so in the future I will opt for slim-fit, the range in this fit is moderate. My advice is to increase the range in this fit.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (32) No (18)
 -  Friday, 18 December  |  Luuk
Profuomo Sky Blue Japanese Knitted Blue Stripes
This Profuomo Knitted shirt fits like a glove. The fabric is very comfortable to wear. The shirt looks very neat for when you use it for business. But it is so comfortable that it is also wonderful to wear in your spare time. Really recommended. And that combined with the good fit and cut that characterizes all Profuomo shirts
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
  • Wearing comfort
  • Fit
  • Non-iron
 -  Friday, 18 December  |  Luuk
Profuomo Sky Blue Japanese Knitted Blue Stripes
This Profuomo Knitted shirt fits like a glove. The fabric is very comfortable to wear. The shirt looks very neat for when you use it for business. But it is so comfortable that it is also wonderful to wear in your spare time. Really recommended. And that combined with the good fit and cut that characterizes all Profuomo shirts
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
  • Wearing comfort
  • Fit
  • Non-iron
 -  Friday, 6 July  |  Hakan
Suitable Overhemd Prestige Albini White
The quality of the shirt is great, and it fits perfect (size 38), however, the quality of the buttons on the shirt is subpar. The buttons on the wrist are very loose after wearing the shirt only once. I'm going to need to take them to a tailor or sow new ones on my own to fix the problem.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (0)
  • Thick cotton
  • Soft
  • Perfect fit
  • Buttons of the sleeves are of low quality; wire is almost loose after first use
 -  Sunday, 21 February  |  Niels
Michaelis Shirt White SL7
Nice shirt, however, the stated dimensions and remark strongly fitted correct. I compared the sizes with an Olymp level 5 shirt, both collar size 38. Chest size both shirts is the same and waist is smaller at Olymp. Conclusion great shirt but just slightly fitted.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
  • Nicely finished
  • Dimensions are incorrect
  • Unfortunately no darts on the back
 -  Monday, 24 February  |  Martine
Olymp Luxor Shirt Double Cuff Ecru
I had been looking in vain for an ecru double cuff shirt for groom for some time and I am very satisfied with the result: Beautiful quality, good fit, beautiful finish. Fits perfectly with ecru ceremony cardigan and matching tie with a motif in fabric.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (16)
 -  Tuesday, 29 August  |  Leo
Suitable White Shirt Slim Fit DR-01
Fabric feels good and fits nicely around the body. Board size is fine, size 39 with length 188 cm and 80 kg. However, the sleeves seem to be on the short side and there is little space left. Now I am not broad, but that is a bit on the tight side.
  Thanks for your review Leo! Nice that the shirt is as desired. If you prefer to try a size bigger, that is of course possible :)   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
 -  Thursday, 12 May  |  Ron
Olymp Luxor Shirt Black Modern Fit
This shirt is my third concert shirt. The fit is fine and the sleeves also stay in place while playing the bugle / trumpet. Wonderful to wear on a tour of Estonia. Highly recommended and the non-iron from Olymp lives up to its name.
  A perfect shirt to take with you on the go! Thank you for your review and have fun.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (1)
  • Fit for seated men
  • Non-iron
  • Long sleeve
  • Good price quality
 -  Tuesday, 21 June  |  Geerten
Seidensticker Splendesto Black White Striped
Very nice shirt, exactly in the shape and with the details as I like to wear them. Seidensticker shirts are very nice and solidly finished. Generous, excellent fit, just like a shirt should be - never tight, but blouse.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (0)
  • Fit
  • Finish
  • Delivery
 -  Sunday, 18 October  |  Bart
Michaelis Shirt Poplin Scooter White SL7
Sleeve 7, always in white blue, or white or blue or blue or white... how happy a nice motif makes you feel, is simply not often in Sleeve 7. That's why I bought it and hell, happy with it, fit, quality...
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Monday, 27 April  |  H.j.a.
Olymp Luxor shirt Extra Long Sleeve MF Black
sleeve spring 7. modern-fit is a bit wider, because the shirt is intended to be worn without a jacket, this is no problem. breast pocket is handy. fabric is light, so suitable for summer. good shirt.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Thursday, 30 June  |  A.C.
Seidensticker Splendesto Shirt White
I have been wearing these shirts for years because of the perfect fit but bought them from another retailer. Glad I can now order them from [site name] at a better price. Class!
  Very good to hear that, Mr Lokker! See you again at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Fit
  • Price
  • No
 -  Monday, 21 October  |  Roy
Profuomo Shirt Knitted Slim Fit Indigo Blue
As mentioned in the other review, after washing twice at cold temperatures, this shirt has shrunk so much that I can no longer take it. So advice to take 1 size bigger.
  Dear Roy, Thank you for this review. Annoying that the shirt is not to your liking. The item has a slim fit and is made of 100% cotton. Would you like to contact customer service about this? We are happy to help you.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
  • Beautiful materials
  • Wrinkle free
  • Shrinks
  • Expensive
 -  Saturday, 5 December  |  Koen
Profuomo Shirt Light Blue Striped
Definitely my best shirt and at the same time not even one of my most expensive. The shape is perfect, it also stays nicely in your pants and does not crease easily.
  Nice to hear Koen that you like this shirt so much! Quality and a good price can go hand in hand. See you next time!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Form
  • Does not crease easily
  • Great price / quality
  • None can discover
 -  Sunday, 27 December  |  Luuk
Profuomo SkyBlue Slim Fit Double Cuff
Nice business shirt. Beautiful and sturdy fabric and good fit. The upright collar ensures that - even if no tie is worn with the shirt - the collar falls nicely.
  Glad it is so good, Luuk! See you next time at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (2)

Buy Men's Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts online

A business shirt for men

A business shirt is an essential garment in every men’s wardrobe. It ensures a good look at work, weddings, or any other official occasion. Suitable offers a wide range of luxurious dress shirts for men. Every season we provide a new collection of shirts for men in various colors, prints, and details. Suitable has it all from a white shirt for underneath a suit to a shirt with trendy print.

Various luxurious men’s shirts

Suitable offers elegant shirts for men in various colors, fits, and prints. Are you looking for a trendy shirt with contrasting prints, a high collar, or surprising details on the cuffs or the collar? We supplement the collection frequently with new, trendy shirts. Naturally, you can find classic business shirts at Suitable too. Timeless shirts, suitable for every occasion. Like an elegant shirt in white, grey, or blue. Suitable provides a wide selection of stylish men’s shirts from various exclusive top brands such as GANT, R2, Ledub, OLYMP, Profuomo, Seidensticker, and Suitable’s private label.

The right shirt to match a suit

What is the right shirt to wear underneath a suit? A white shirt is the most formal option. You can combine white with almost any color. Wearing a white shirt underneath a suit will make the other color stand out. A blue suit with a light blue dress shirt creates a business-like color combination. But you could create a bolder combination by wearing it with a light pink shirt or a white shirt with a subtle check pattern. You can combine a classic black suit with any color.

Limited edition shirts for men

A shirt is a trendy garment and an absolute must for the stylish man’s wardrobe. On top of that, it is a versatile garment that you can wear both casually and formally. Suitable launches a new collection of shirts several times a season, offering a wide range of colors, prints, and details in a limited quantity. Order your men’s shirts easily online at Suitable!

In our Suitable stores and on our website, you can find a wide choice of shirts in all sorts and sizes. For instance, we have an extensive range of fashionable shirts with a slim fit, high collar, and cuffs with surprising details as contrasting prints, colors, and arm patches. The collection of stylish men’s shirts is continuously changing. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of business shirts. These shirts often have a wide-spread collar, so wearing a tie with it is easy. Of course, you can also wear these shirts casually, without a tie. We also offer versions with contrasting details making the shirt more contemporary. Naturally, unicolored men’s shirts are available as well. These are tailor-fit and made of strong 2ply cotton and are available with a Single- or French cuff. Suitable provides a particular assortment for tall men, consisting of shirts with extra sleeve length. These so-called extra long sleeve shirts (Sleeve 7 shirts) have more sleeve length and longer front and back panels. Purchasing a shirt with an excellent fit is easy and affordable at Suitable.

White shirt

White is a pure and bright color. Combining a white shirt with different color will ensure that the other color is more highlighted. White is the perfect color to combine with anything. Both with a dress suit, as well as a pair of jeans or chinos. Nowadays Italian shirts are quite popular, as they have been for some time now. Italy is well known for its world-renowned fashion houses and their unique designs. Thinking of Italy, you will, besides thinking of the landscape, climate, and Italian food, think of Italian fashion. Italian people are known as people who care about fashion and looking sophisticated. This is one reason that Italian shirts are exclusive, stylish, trendy, and of high quality. At Suitable, we collaborate with prestigious shirt manufacturers such as Albini and Leggiuno to provide the best quality.

Iron-free shirts at Suitable

Iron-free or non-iron shirts are convenient. You don’t have to iron these shirts. The persons who do iron wrinkle-free shirts will notice that this is very easy. All shirts in our Profuomo Original collection are iron-free. And also, in their Sky Blue collection, you can find a Non-iron shirt- ‘the Travel Shirt.’

Modern high collar shirts

Like anything in fashion, even the collar is subject to trends. The Kent collar and the wide-spread collar used to be the standard, but nowadays, we see a great variety in collars types. One of the most popular collars is the Cutaway collar, which is recognizable by how the collar is attached to the shoulder’s seam. A real statement shirt! It fits the casual business trend. You can leave a tie, but it does combine well with one. A modern collar is quite elegant, will not shift away from underneath the lapels of a jacket, and gives the shirt a trendy look.

Skinny fit shirts

Are you someone with a slim figure and a preference for shirts? A Skinny Fit shirt could be a perfect match for you. These shirts usually consist of cotton and elastane, making them very comfortable to wear. These shirts are even tighter than slim-fit and body fit, suitable for men who prefer trendy, fitted shirts.

Body fit shirts

This fit is suitable for the normal to slim man. The shirt is slim but is less fitted than the very tight models. Also, this fit often has a little stretch in the cotton, making it comfortable to wear. The names used by the manufacturer are Slim Fit or Body Fit.

Slim fit shirts

Slim fit is a tightly tailored fit for shirts. A slim-fit shirt is a shirt that has a narrower cut as modern fit but not as slim as the skinny fit shirts. For athletically built men, super slim fit (extra tightly tailored) models are available, but this is similar to skinny fit.

Modern fit shirts

Modern fit is a lightly tailored fit for shirts. A modern fit shirt looks smooth and modern due to its light tailoring. The modern fit is created by using a slightly slimmer back panel in the shirt. These shirts fit nicely on the waist. The shirt falls a little bit slimmer than a normal cut shirt but a bit wider than the slim fit or tailored fit shirts. A modern fit shirt dresses most men nicely, and you can combine it with a blazer or light tailored suit.

Regular fit shirts

What is a regular fit? The regular fit is a very lightly tailored fit for shirts and t-shirts. A regular fit shirt looks more groomed than wide shirts due to the very light waist ring. The regular fit- fit is created by a slightly ingested back. Every man fits in a good and right size regular fit shirt. It is the most common fit and fits any outfit.


Tailored fit shirts

The tailored fit is a slightly slimmer fit for shirts and t-shirts. Tailored fit shirts arch in at the back of the shirt panel. Making the casual shirt well fitted for guys with a slight belly or who likes their shirts to hang loose without looking baggy. The best way to combine a tailored shirt is under a nice costume. A straight-cut jacket naturally hides the waist width of a shirt.

Comfort fit shirts

Comfort fit is a wide, untailed fit for shirts and t-shirts. A comfort-fit shirt is suitable for men who like maximum freedom of movement because of the spacious fit. The comfort fit is not tailored and therefore falls wide around the waist. Wider-fit shirts give a more casual look than a tailored fit. The shirt gives extra room for movement.

Suitable men’s shirts

Suitable creates exclusive men’s shirts. You will find the complete range of our famous shirts in all desired sizes and fits in our stores or webshop. A Suitable shirt is always designed and made with an eye for detail. Whether it’s a formal business shirt or a casual shirt for leisure. Suitable shirts are available in different fits: skinny fit, body fit, slim fit, modern, regular, tailored, and comfort fit. Also, our shirts available with the following collar style: cutaway, button-down, button under, Kent, New Kent, wide-spread, and wing collar.

Profuomo men’s shirts

Profuomo creates exclusive men’s shirts. A Profuomo shirt is always designed and made with an eye for detail. Whether it’s a formal business shirt or a casual shirt for leisure. Profuomo shirts are available with the following collars: cutaway, extra cutaway, flip collar, Kent, one-piece collar, pointed collar, semi-spread, and wing collar.

What is a Sleeve 7, Extra long sleeve shirt

Sleeve length 7 indicates that a shirt is equipped with extra-long sleeves, but how do you know if you need extra-long sleeves? As a rule, extra sleeve-length shirts are about 65cm/25,5inch long. A well-fitting shirt has sleeves that reach up to the start of the thumb. However, there are men for whom a length of 65cm/25,5inch is too short. For them, some shirts are made with extra sleeve length. In some countries, known as sleeve-7 shirts. Do you find that your shirt sleeve comes too short? Perhaps you also need extra long-sleeved shirts.

Shirts are easy to divide into three groups when it comes to sleeve length. The vast majority of shirts have a sleeve length of 65 centimeters. These are well perfect for men with a length up to 1.80 meters, or at most 1.90 meters, depending on the personal arm length. Extra-long sleeve length shirts can be worn by men who reach 2m+/6,5 foot. Extra-long sleeve shirts also have a longer back length, and this is sometimes necessary. A shirt should be long enough to tuck into the pants without being pulled out when you sit down. Therefore, when shopping, pay attention to the required sleeve length and the back length, especially when you are taller than 1,9m/6feet.

Suitable shirts sleeve 7

Suitable shirts are made from high-quality Italian 2-ply cotton, making the shirts durable and comfortable. The shirts feature a cut-a-way- or wide-spread collar. Some cuffs have contrasting buttons, and the sleeve length is extra long. Because of their high quality, the shirts ensure high comfort during wearing and giving you a groomed look. A nice addition is that some shirts have a wrinkle-free coating so that you can wear the shirt straight from the line. An extra-long sleeve shirt from Suitable is slightly longer than, for example, the shirts from Profuomo and Michaelis.

Michaelis shirts sleeve 7, extra long sleeve shirts

The brand Michaelis is the sister of Profuomo. Named after the founder of Profuomo, Heinz Michaelis. Once started in a small atelier in Rotterdam and now a full-fledged manufacturer of high-quality (sleeve 7) shirts. Looking for an extra long-sleeved shirt? This brand will take over the sleeve 7-collection from Profuomo.

Profuomo extra long-sleeved shirts

Where Profuomo exudes a purely Italian atmosphere, it is a beautiful Dutch brand. The brand uses beautiful Italian-inspired fabrics and has their normal shirts and sleeve-length shirts 7. Interestingly, Profuomo’s ‘normal’ shirts fall relatively short in the sleeves and are therefore too short for some men. An extra-long sleeve shirt from the brand Profuomo Sleeve 7 is therefore also slightly shorter than, for example, a long sleeve shirt of the Suitable own brand.

Ledub extra long-sleeve shirts

Ledub has been making high-quality shirts for generations and also has several extra sleeve-length shirts in their range. Do you have long arms? Then we recommend taking a look at their extra long-sleeved shirts. Please also check the size chart just in case. Every brand is slightly different. For example, the sleeve-7 shirts of Ledub fall longer than Olymp’s.

Olymp shirts sleeve 7

Olymp is a well-known German brand with an extensive range of extra sleeve-length shirts. The great thing about the Olymp extra long-sleeved shirts is that many of the shirts are also iron-free. Super convenient, then. It is important to know that the Olymp Sleeve 7 shirts have a sleeve length of 69cm/27inch which is not necessarily very long. Measure from the head of the shoulder to end wrist/beginning thumb. If this is less than 69cm/27inch, the sleeve won’t be too short.

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