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Shiwi swimwear has been around since 1960 and knows how to inspire sun worshipers with hip and fashionable beachwear. Do you like the sun, sea, and beach? Shiwi is! Shiwi, also called the Sunshine brand, makes sure everyone on the beach looks good. The brand offers an extensive collection of stylish beach fashion. Durable, comfortable, and trendy swimming trunks for men made of supple and high-quality fabrics. Even with intensive use, the colors remain beautiful. Even sun, sand, salt, and water have little influence on your swimwear.

Men's swimming trunks from Shiwi

Shiwi has swimming trunks for every man, for every moment. Are you looking for trendy swimming trunks to stroll in Ibiza, cool swimming shorts to brave the Dutch waters, or stylish swimming trunks for a sunny day at the beach? Shiwi swimming trunks have all this in their extensive collection of swimming shorts. The beautiful models in trendy prints and fresh colors ensure that you look good with Shiwi swimwear along the waterfront or on the beach.

Collection of Shiwi swimwear

Shiwi has an extensive collection, stylish, comfortable, trendy, and durable swimming trunks. Made from supple and high-quality fabrics. Even with intensive use, the colors remain beautiful. Men's swimming trunks from Shiwi! "Soak up the Sun!"

Shiwi Beachwear

Shiwi Beachwear is perfect for an amazing day next to the water, the poolside, or an amazing vacation at sea with cocktails and a full bag of beach essentials. Just like any clothes, beachwear deserves some attention.

Here are some guidelines to choose perfect fitting swimwear based on your body type:

  • If you are a tall man, it's advisable to wear swim shorts that come just above your knees. If you choose shorter shorts, it will make your legs look longer. If you keep it to swim shorts that are just above your knee, it will distract the attention from your height.
  • On the opposite side, there is also a short man. The advice would be to wear your swimwear that comes till the middle of your upper thigh. This will make your legs look longer and keep attention away from your height. Also, choosing a Shiwi fun pattern would keep the attention away from your size.
  • For an Athletic man, don't be afraid to choose a tighter fit and a shorter swimwear up to your upper thigh. This is a boost of confidence for your hard work for your athletic body. Just show it!
  • If you are of average build, not too thin and not overly muscular, then go for a small and narrow cut for swimwear. A broad upper waistline would keep all the imperfections around the waist hidden. It would fit your body type perfectly.
  • Extra build man should also enjoy the beach life like any other man would do. If your legs are in good shape, choose swimwear with a trunk style and reach down to your mid-upper leg. Also, a nice and colorful print would keep attention from imperfections.

Besides these tips are the following tips to consider by choosing Shiwi swimwear:

  • Be aware of your perfections and imperfections- What do you wish to keep hidden and what to show off? By being aware of that, you are boosting your confidence.
  • As mentioned above, it's advisable to wear the right size swimwear and the right length. If we would speak in general, a safe choice would always be the mid-length swim trunks. But since we are all different, try to choose a better fit for your body type, as described below.
  • If you are a recreational swimmer, Shiwi would fit best. If you are more into other water sports, you will need more professional swimwear that makes you feel comfortable during sports. But if you are enjoying the sun and the water, then Shiwi is the best brand. Almost artistic!
  • We all know that not every color works flattering. This same applies to your swimwear; choose the right color. Darker colors look slimmer, and brighter make you look broader.


Shiwi Swimming trunks fabrics

As much as we repel polyester. It is a perfect fabric for swimwear. You will find this fabric in almost every swimwear. This fabric is soft but very strong. It also repels UV and chlorine. Also, by choosing this fabric, you can be sure that colors are kept the same during a longer period. As polyester absorbs colors very well and doesn't get influenced by other triggers. Meaning you can wash it and dry it, and all the colors will stay the same. Because of modern technology, this kind of polyester will feel soft to your body. It will also be stretchy. As mentioned before, it is a solid fabric, which also means durable. Drying fast and repelling water is the primary function of swimwear. By choosing your Shiwi, you choose artistic prints and quality fabrics and fits.

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