-  Monday, 7 December  |  Jan
Suitable Cotton Turtle Pullover Dark Green
Sweater is of good quality. Nice fabric and fits well.
  Good to hear that everything is OK!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Size is fine
  • Material feels nice
 -  Sunday, 13 December  |  Peter
Suitable Cotton Turtle Pullover Brown
fast delivery, good quality, am very satisfied.
  Nice to hear that everything is as it should be!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Sunday, 31 January  |  Margreet
Suitable Cotton Turtle Pullover Dark Green
Nice product stays well after washing
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 -  Sunday, 29 March  |  Luc
Suitable Turtleneck Brown
a nice and comfortable sweater
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 -  Sunday, 31 January  |  Margreet
Suitable Cotton Turtle Pullover Brown
Fast delivery. Great fit
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 -  Wednesday, 18 December  |  R.H
Suitable Cotton Turtleneck Darkgreen
Fine de luxe.
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Buy Turtlenecks Mens Sweaters online

Men's turtlenecks can safely be counted among the timeless classics that always continue to do well. A turtleneck sweater is nice and warm, stylish and provides great wearing comfort. Put on a men's turtleneck and go for the warmth. Turtlenecks are a great choice for those who suffer from a sensitive neck, shoulders, upper arms or back. They are indispensable during a skiing holiday and if you participate in the annual thick sweater day, they come in handy if you turn down the heating for a day!

Turtlenecks for men

The col is pleasant for winter walks because it replaces a scarf. A shirt must be worn underneath, so that the turtleneck can be taken off if necessary. The black turtleneck is mainly worn in artistic circles.

Turtlenecks radiate elegance. Even when the turtleneck sweater is combined in a purely basic way, it is still an eye-catcher. Men's turtlenecks are there for the cold (winter) days. A man in a turtleneck gives a classic look and can be worn with casual jeans as well as trousers. You can also easily combine a men's turtleneck with a blazer on cold days.

Turtlenecks are available in different colors and materials. You are always in the right place with the colors dark blue, black and gray. More striking colors are ocher yellow, burgundy and green. Desoto men's turtlenecks are made of non-iron cotton. The Suitable and Olymp turtlenecks are made from merino wool.

Wear a men's turtleneck for business

Did you know that you can replace a shirt with an elegant turtleneck sweater? Wear a turtleneck under a jacket or waistcoat and complete the business outfit with matching trousers. For a less formal look, the turtleneck can also be combined with chinos and a jacket.

Wear a men's turtleneck sweater casual

A turtleneck sweater provides a lot of convenience, because the combination possibilities are endless. A turtleneck sweater for men is a great item to wear casual. Combine the turtleneck with jeans, sturdy boots and a leather jacket.

Turtleneck or Turtleneck

A turtleneck is often confused with a Turtleneck. Both items are indeed different from each other. A turtleneck has a high rolled up collar and a turtleneck has a lower collar. About half the size of a turtleneck. A turtle neck is an ideal item for men with a shorter neck. Suitable has a spacious range of sweaters in the collection with a turtle neck. This varies in fabric compositions from merino wool to cotton.

Roll neck

A roll neck is a turtleneck sweater of which the collar is rolled up and falls narrowly around the neck. A roll neck is also called a turtle neck. This is because the 'col' does not reach the top of the neck, but halfway. The roll neck can be combined with a jacket for a more formal look. Prefer casual? Then wear a rollneck or turtle neck with an overshirt.

Buy men's turtleneck sweater

You can buy turtlenecks easily and quickly online at Suitable or in one of our stores. Would you like advice on a turtleneck or which brand suits you best? Please contact our customer service.

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