-  Monday, 27 January  |  LEONARDO
Laimbock Gala Gloves White
Gloves came in good conditions, delivered on time. I received emails tracking the progress of the delivery. The material looks high quality, the only thing I dislike a bit is the fact that this pair of gloves fit well in my hands and fingers, however get loosen on the wrists, I would rather see them a bit tighter on the wrists. Another suggestion I have is on packaging. It will be great if suitable reduces the amount of plastic on package. I had one external package which was nice and the gloves were inside another plastic bag. I get the extra care intended here, but if we can find ways to be more sustainable, it is always a win. All in all, thank you so much for the delivery and I am satisfied with it.
  Thank you for being satisfied with your delivery.. The remark concerns the packaging we include in the process. We give high priority to this.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (2)
 -  Friday, 22 November  |  Ruud
Tailcoat Accessories Set
Following Mr. Moeleker's response: A skirt vest is always attached with a strap in the back. It is conceivable that the buttonholes for the shirt are too large for the buttons supplied, now that a skirt shirt is closed with so-called studs or skirt buttons. I cannot comment on the quality.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Monday, 15 June  |  Eeuwit
Laimbock Gala Gloves Grey
We chose this because our daughter gets married and her father and brother-in-law go in morning coat and those gloves match. Your website came up every time, and we thought they were very good price, technical and quality, so that's why we bought it
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (14)
 -  Saturday, 5 September  |  Pascal
Laimbock Gala Gloves White
White gloves you will only need them, everywhere they call the party gloves for 2 euros, I want something chic. Laimbock, good brand. Still, a small hole on the stitching in both gloves. Not an insurmountable shame. Service is excellent by the way.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (11) No (17)
 -  Tuesday, 12 November  |  Rob
Bow Tie Pique White
Great article, some minor points of criticism, the converted front should be stuck so that it remains neat. Have now done this myself with a few loose stitches. Buttonholes are on the large side but this can also be solved with a little diligence.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (0)
 -  Monday, 7 April  |  Martijn
Tailcoat Accessories Set
The buttonholes of the shirt are too big for the buttons to come loose continuously. Shirt does not fit nicely either. Only used my own dinner shirt on the party night. Vest and Strik are okay.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (0)
 -  Thursday, 20 February  |  Vermeulen
Laimbock Gala Gloves White
Just very good, both the article and the service, I should not waste more words on this!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (23) No (37)
 -  Thursday, 20 February  |  Vermeulen
Laimbock Gala Gloves Grey
Just very good, both the article and the service, I should not waste more words on this!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
 -  Thursday, 19 January  |  Kai
Bow Tie Pique White
A beautiful bow and fits perfectly for my gala for all sizes
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
 -  Monday, 21 March  |  John
Self Tie Bow Tie White
Great bow, nice with a folding instruction.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (1)
 -  Tuesday, 22 March  |  Rolf
Bow Tie Pique White
fully met my expectations: D
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (3)

Buy Tailcoat Accessories for men online

The tailcoat

The tailcoat is also known as a white tie. This outfit exists of a knee-length coat with a half-open front with 'tails' reaching the knee-holes. In the front, it would get to hip-height. You'd wear this outfit only on formal occasions. Officially you have to wear it over a piqué shirt, a piqué vest combined with a piqué bow tie. Piqué refers to the weaving style. This is the only type of shirt you can wear underneath a tailcoat.

There are a few accessories you can wear with a white tie outfit. You can find the most used and approved accessories below. Keep in mind that you should always wear black patent leather shoes, combined with your white tie outfit and, the waistcoat needs to cover the waistband.

White waistcoat

The white waistcoat is worn on official occasions like your graduation or when you are a doctoral candidate. When you are a ballroom dancer, but also at weddings, formally you only can wear a waistcoat after 5.30 p.m. not many people know that. The white waistcoat is frequently worn at galas and weddings, and they start earlier. Always leave the bottom button open. Make sure your waistcoat embraces your torso. It needs to fit your body closely to keep all the fabric of your white dress shirt firmly in its place.

Black waistcoat

A black waistcoat is worn on many different occasions. It is the same waistcoat as the white one, but this vest is not made in piqué. At Suitable, we sell it in a more shiny fabric, flat woven. At some lodges of the Freemasons, it is required to wear a black waistcoat. Apart from this specific occasion, the black waistcoat is worn at very formal funerals, and some butlers would wear a black waistcoat aswell. We offer them in sizes medium to XXXL.

Evening gloves

At Suitable, we offer three colors of evening gloves, white, black, and grey. These evening gloves are made of 100% cotton. It has a soft touch and feels very comfortable. White is mainly worn at white-tie occasions of black-tie occasions. You could go for grey or black whenever you think white is a delicate color and gets dirty quickly.

Top hats

The top hat is formally used in Western dress codes. The primary colors of a top hat would be grey or black. The top hat model is tall and flat. From 1960 it seems the top hat disappeared, but not completely. We still see the top hat at weddings and galas. The top hat gives people the impression that it is only worn by the upper-class or high society, probably because it was associated with capitalism, such as Monopoly and Scrooge McDuck. You should wear the top hat straight on your head, and it should be removed when entering a building or indoor space.


This is a floral decoration that goes on the left part of the lapel. Usually, the floral decoration would pin into the buttonhole. Nowadays, the pin is under the buttonhole. The Boutonniére is a single flower and is worn on special occasions like a wedding, for example.

Pocket square

At first, before the pocket square, there was a handkerchief. They would use this to dry the forehead or to wipe their noses. The handkerchief was made out of a small square-shaped piece of white cotton, which men put inside the chest pocket. Later on, men would put the handkerchief in an inside pocket en use the pocket square as a fashion accessory from around 1920 until 1960. Then it disappears till 2000 when it reappeared in movies and series. Pocket squares are often made of silk, linen, wool, or cotton. You have many ways to fold a pocket square, very discrete or flamboyant.

Order, decorations en medals

An order is an awarded medal given by the state or the monarch to a person that gets recognition, and it frequently comes with an emblem. These medals are worn on the left part of the jacket, under the pocket square.

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