William Lockie pullovers, sweaters and cardigans


 -  Friday, 22 April  |  E.
William Lockie V Moss Green
My experiences with the William Lockie brand have been very good for years. Therefore always lambswool sweaters of this brand. Quality is fine. Ordered clothing for the first time via internet. Determine size on your website properly. So fit is satisfactory. Compliment for the fast delivery and the possibility of tracking the delivery!
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 -  Monday, 29 December  |  Bob
William Lockie O Charcoal Dark Grey
Yes..eh..he..say... William Lockie. Of course you buy it if you can afford it. No, just kidding: top quality and sits & wears as such. And as for [site name] - small barter, after disappointing shirt - no quibble!
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 -  Friday, 13 November  |  Rina
William Lockie Lambswool Cardigan Dark Green
Vest is beautiful but too big. So that is not with my husband. Because I did not expect this, I immediately removed all cards and the packaging away. Now I have it. Unfortunately.
  How annoying to hear that the article was not to your liking. Would you like to contact our customer service? Then we can look for a suitable solution for you.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 23 December  |  Hans
William Lockie O Poppy Melange
William Lockie is very well known to me for wearing comfort, non-pilling and durability. This purchase also lives up to the experience gained and is very clearly a good product.
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 -  Thursday, 7 February  |  Jimmy
William Lockie O Charcoal Dark Grey
Great sweater, which fits wonderfully.
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 -  Saturday, 11 January  |  Giuliano
William Lockie V-Neck Lambswool Yellow
Serietà e precisione
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Buy your William Lockie sweater and cardigan online

William Lockie is the pride of Scotland for many years now. Sometimes it is hard to find the right sweater or cardigan. Luckily you can buy your William Lockie sweater and cardigan online at Suitable.

William Lockie, pure craftsmanship

William Lockie knitwear is renowned for its quality, craftsmanship, and softness. Still run by the same family, it is one of the oldest family-owned luxury knitwear business in the world. The head office is based in Hawick on the banks of the River Teviot. Specialized in fabrics of natural fibers like cashmere, camelhair, merino, Geelong, and lambswool, it has enthusiasts worldwide.

Scottish brand William Lockie turns luxurious, natural materials into high-quality clothing with the closest attention to style and design. The name of the brand is sometimes written as William Locky.

It started with the knitting of undergarments but quickly evolved to making cardigans, sweaters and, jumpers.

William Lockie Lambswool Pullover or Sweater

Suitable mainly sells the lambswool items of William Lockie. For their yarn, William Lockie uses the best sheep's wool, reared in South Australia.

The wool of those sheep is knitted at a tight tension to ensure soft and robust yarns. For knitting, they use a unique frame.

Two strings are twined into one to make strong wool yarn. This is one reason all pullovers are durable, strong, and soft at the same time.

The color variation of the sweater

Besides the camel wool cardigans, all other garments are available in all colors of the rainbow. Some say that the inspiration comes from the color variations found in the Scottish hillside.

Not sure what color to pick? At Suitable we have a great discount when you buy two William Lockie pullovers. So take your pick.

William Lockie Lambswool Cardigans

Lambswool cardigans are sweaters with buttons, so the speak. Wear your cardigan inside to keep you warm. Or use them as an extra layer underneath a sports jacket or blazer. William Lockie cardigans are also available in numerous colors, although we mainly sell basic colors at Suitable.

William Lockie Knitwear handmade in Scotland

Although the fabrics and raw material for the cardigans and sweaters might not come from Scotland. All, pieces of clothing are still put together in the factory in Scotland. Families living in the area have been working at the plant for generations on end. Therefore it is one of the life veins of the Scottish economy in that region.

For over a century, the craftsmanship of the employees has evolved as did the technology. Today, a 100years old piece of garment is made with the latest technology and insights, resulting in state-of-the-art knitwear products that will last forever.

Due to modern technology, William Lockie Clothing can use the most refined models, patterns, and colors for its elegant Scottish knitwear. Available for its most demanding consumers all over the world. William Lockie Lambswool sweaters have become well known due to their stunning, high-end quality and the wide range of colors.

Buy your Lockie at Suitable.

Wondering what specific measure of William Lockie you need? View the William Lockie size chart.
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